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When property managers hire security guard companies they’ve a picture in your mind of what their contract security force will appear like, but too often what they get isn’t what they pictured. What we have found is that many security guard companies can handle providing the service that property managers want, but too often don’t due to a lack of ongoing quality control procedures.

Security guard companies are unlike any vendor that a property manager usually hires. In the event that you hire a painter, you can see if they are doing their jobs by considering the walls. But whenever you hire a guard companies, how often would you see if the guard company is performing their job which include running background checks and drug screenings, providing good training for your guards, and effectively monitoring and supervising your guards. In most instances they probably are, however it is important to implement a system of verification and quality control to ensure that problems related to the possible lack of performing these jobs don’t start to occur.

In this information we shall discuss five (5) easy steps to improving your security guard service and achieving that which you picture as your ideal security guard force.

Screen Your Guards Qualifications

In many states, guards are mandated to have a specified number of training before they could begin working as security guards. If your state is one of these simple states, ensure that your security guard company is compliant.

If you’re in a state where you can find no state requirements for guard certification, then investigate the sort of training that’s being supplied by your security company and think about does it seem adequate.

Additionally, is your security guard company performing background and drug screenings on all of your guards BEFORE they send them to your property? If they are, they must be providing you with verifications. If not, why?

Another excellent way to screen if the guard is a great fit for your property is always to conduct a short “interview” to obtain a feel for the guard and to spell out your expectations. This initial conversation can inform you a great deal about what to expect from that guard and it offers you a chance to request a different guard should you feel it is necessary.

Assess Guard Training

Although most security guard companies possess a thorough orientation that introduces each guard to the organization itself, oftentimes the guard’s orientation to his assigned property is not as complete. We call the orientation for the assigned property “Site Specific Training “.Discover what your website specific training appears like:

• Does it occur at your property?
• Who does working out?
• The length of time is each new officer trained?
• The length of time does the security company double bank? (Double banking is the procedure of having a veteran guard working at the same time frame as the newest guard.)
• How thoroughly are your post orders explained?

Determine the solution to each one of these questions and ensure that they fit with that which you feel is adequate. You need to even consider sitting in on your own security guard company’s orientation and your website specific training to obtain an understanding of what switches into preparing a guard to just work at your property.

Review Your Guard’s Supervision

Guard supervision is one of the more important factors of good security guard service. When security companies provide poor supervision, there’s insufficient emphasis added to preventing mistakes, problems, and complaints. Lack of supervision also removes the chance for the guard to master and better understand their duties. If the guards aren’t being supervised, they begin to believe their work isn’t important and they begin to see themselves as less of a area of the security team. When guards don’t feel like part of one’s team it typically results in unacceptable practices such as unprofessional behavior, tardiness, and even theft.

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